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Dee Why Cycles will offer you a friendly shopping experience, premium service and expert advice. You will only find products from the best brands at competitive prices. Our goal is to help you make the best decision and get the most out of your bike. Feel free to browse our site, contact us or visit our store, to enjoy the Dee Why Cycles experience.



LOCATION - see map

Dee Why Cycles is located right on the main road of Dee Why, Pittwater road. Depending on which direction you are travelling from, you will have a few parking options:


North Bound - if you're coming from any suburb south of Dee Why and travelling on Pittwater road, you can simply park on Pittwater road itself until 3pm (Clearway after 3pm). Park in our driveway for quick drop off/pick up repairs, etc. Alternatively, you can park on Hawkesbury Av. which is the first left after passing DY Cycles (only 50m).


South Bound - northern beaches traffic can park on Pittwater road (after 10am) on the opposite side of DY Cycles (please cross at traffic lights). You can park at the back of DY RSL or on Hawkesbury Av. You need to turn right on Lismore Av., one street before, as you cannot turn right off of Pittwater onto Hawkesbury Ave.